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Where we come from...


Established in 1993 by Clementine Moore, C. Florida Hospitality is a group travel consultant and event planning company based in Orlando, Florida with outbound services across the USA, Canada & the Bahamas.


Like so many international hospitality professionals in Florida, Clementine's journey began at EPCOT. Originally from France, Clementine spent the early 1980s working at the France Pavilion as a server and eventually as a recruitment and training liaison-- an early taste of what would become her niche: synthesizing her knowledge of cultures on both sides of the Atlantic to help clients make meaningful connections. 


By the 90s, Clem had built a healthy reputation as an expert in planning high quality corporate incentive programmes and specialty experiential events. In 2000, less than 10 years after the founding of C. Florida Hospitality, the company reached a record of $4M in annual sales. Since then, Clem has boldly steered CFH through incredible local and global challenges, including the 2004 hurricane crisis and 2020 pandemic, all with her trademark flexibility and ingenuity-- traits that have come to define the company she founded. 

Where we're going...


Wherever you are! Today, CFH continues to operate out of our Orlando office, working with a diverse, talented group of partners all over the world to make magic for our clients. While the Sunshine State has always been our home and thus our specialty, our social and corporate programmes take us across the globe, from the American West to Scotland, Switzerland, France, and Spain...just to name a few!

Our Core Team

These are the names and faces you can expect to see in the pre-programme planning stages, in your inbox and on your site visits. 

Our Extended Family

We work with a wide network of industry professionals to staff our programmes, knowing that each individual brings their own strength and insight to the team. Entrusting the right role to the right person is critical, and we take pride in knowing our "village" is up to the task.

These are the friendly faces you can expect to see on-site ensuring every detail of your event is pitch perfect.

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