About Us

Inspired By You for 25 Years!

We have been firmly established for twenty-five years as a full service DMC (destination management company) in Florida with outbound services across the USA, Canada & the Bahamas. We bring you the brightest, most committed team paired with unparalleled vendor relationships that have made Central Florida Hospitality the most respected DMC in South Florida.

What makes CFH unique? From our high-level Owner involvement in every program & our creative solutions to our flexibility & scalability, CFH offers specialized expertise with one point of contact for all your meeting & program needs.

We have succeeded because we are in the business to make moments matter. Moments that become stories. Stories that become legends. Legends that are shared in offices for years to come & that create inspiration & motivation that become part of the fabric & foundation in employee & client relationships in your business.

Our strength lies in digging deeper to create connections and get to know and understand our clients to ensure we make your meetings and events relevant & impactful. Our in-house design teams creativity & dedication ensures your vision and the experiences of every moment are realized.

Our Ambition: We create events that are unimaginable until they have happened, and unforgettable once they have. We champion innovation through thoughtfully designed experiences.

Our Role

Making your life easier

Creating memorable experiences is made simple when you are as connected as we are. It is truly what makes us unique & your ideal event partner.

For total event success you need a partner that’s connected to every part of the program. From concept to production we design and deliver unforgettable experiences that move minds, hearts and businesses forward.

Our services include, but are not limited to,

  • Program Logistics
  • Hotel Management
  • Conference Services
  • Full Special Event Production
  • Transportation Management
  • Activities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Helping to Manage Your Footprint
  • Team Building
  • Entertainment & Production
  • Strategic Solutions
Allow CFH to become an invaluable extension of your team.