What We Do

CFH Team Provide Ground Arrangements In
All Cities Aspirational Tailor-Made Proposals
for Every Client and Every Program

Event Design and Planning

On Site Support Services

  • Client team support
  • Full on site team support from the core team
  • Executive management
  • Hotel and vendor management
  • Registration desk management
  • 24 hr help desk support
  • Transportation management
  • Production Management
  • Speaker logistics
  • Speaker management
  • Event signage and collateral
  • Celebratory Dinners
  • Dedicated roles & responsibilities for key components such as F&B,
  • Hotel, General Session, Breakouts, Evening Events, Travel, Logistics etc
  • Logistics management
  • Room drops, signages and general on site administration


In a world where a picture says a thousand words, video captures the
ambiance and atmosphere of the event. Couple that experience with a
live stream to make virtual attendees wish they were there.

Unique Staff Uniforms

Staff are just as important to the aesthetic so ensuring they are
incorporated into themes and color schemes of the event

Digital Mapping

Digital mapping showcases different images and projects them, which
creates an interactive and engaging way to bring to attendees. The
images themselves can be automated and moving and in some cases,
integrated with the ability to interact with attendees to bring a wow


Offer branded swag at the registration desk or entrance of the event or
in goody bags on the way out. We work together to customize swag with
quality and the longevity to want to keep and use their swag after the

Branded Furniture

From tables, chairs and food stations to cushions, marques and shelving, branding can be used on a variety of furniture surfaces which is
why lounges are such a good idea for many events.

Celebrity/Private Chef

A private chef who can create tailored meals to suit the vibe and give the
guest a more personal feel to the event, dietary preferences and what
they ask for. The food is fresh, you can see it being made and you know
it will be customized to what your guest wants.

Specialty Drinks

Personalizing a drink for your brand and or special guest. We create and
incorporate colors with fun names to make it engaging and a conversation piece to start the night.


An excellent way to make a larger venue feel more intimate is with lighting or similar effects and these simple but effective GOBO’s create a
spectacular effect that enhances the natural features of this venue.

Hospitality Desk

We center a team member with knowlege of the event and the agenda
for everyday to have your all guest have a point of contact. Questions
they need about venues, classes, sessions and more.


We pride ourself on the way we transport our guest to and from airports, hotels and venues. We know the importance of time, comfort and
safety when hosting an event.

Cultural intelligence

We often host events from corporations that out of the US. We believe
that it is important to understand the cultural needs and capability to
relate and work across all cultures.

Curated Programs

Your program is unique and therefore we custom create each moment for every one of our clients

  • Key Relationships Enable CFH to Create Unique Experiences
  • A Boutique, Personalized Approach, alongside a network and infrastructure to maintain groups from 10 guests to 3,000+
  • Access to Unique and Exclusive to CFH Venues
  • Exclusive Added Value Benefits with our Partners and Vendors

With long established working relationships, the CFH team are able to negotiate
favorable hotel rates throughout Florida.

Event production
  • A Creative Team to take you from Concept to Immeasurable Reality
  • Experiential Programming
  • Full Event Production
restaurants & Dining
  • MEXICO MEETS SOUTH BEACH is the authentic allure of Naked Taco’s! Naked Taco is a full on MEXICAN love affair with all things tacos and tequila with all the condiments!
  • GORDON RAMSAY trained chef, Chef Ralph Pagano who’s food revels in flavour, local
    ingredients and authenticity. The menu is chopped up into different sections of the traditional tacos! How Creative!
  • LOCO VIBE located in downtown South Beach, the nightlife has plenty to offer if you
    wish to salsa the night away!


  • GETTING HIP TO ANCHORAGE at the Wharf, boats are docked, your farwell is at the hippest waterside venue in town. Did we mention a ROOFTOP PENTHOUSE?
  • FLORi’BEAN AFFAIR will cater to local Floridian and Caribbean tastes, Bite sized bites
    of these multi-cultural cuisine with local sunset trays of mojito’s will close out the trip of a lifetime. Oh cup cakes and beer, how DIVINE!
  • RISING ON THE RIVER with a Miami party of a lifetime, our SPIRIT DJ, Brazilian dance
    crew, costumed La Hora Loca performers are just some of the loco music scene you will want there.


  • HARBOUR TOURING around the bay of Biscayne with state of the art catamarans up to Biscayne point. Life onboard involves, sun, sea and lots of san-margaritas!
  • EXPAND YOUR PALATE and experience a CUBAN gourmet sandwich with tropical refreshments in true Miami style.
  • DROPPING ANCHOR next to water landing pads will excite your mind, overhead you will hear heli’s and a cigarette boat in the distance making its way to ship. WOW I can hear you say, is this really happening?



  • FLORIDA’s ECOSYSTEM, an exhilarating, adventurous and breathtaking open airboat ride through nature’s most natural wildlife park, EVERGLADES. 60 minutes, 6 passengers & 6 Alligators!
optional activities
  • GRAFFITI STREET-ART at Wynwood Walls, Miami’s Art District. Led by locals, this experience will immerse you in the cities graffiti art!
3 Hour Experience
  • EVERGLADESexplore Florida’s Eso-system by land, sea or airboat for an introduction to the wonders of the native and exotic wildlife that inhabit it!
5 Hours, 60 mins Airboat
  • A LITTLE BIT OF HAVANA private experience of the Cuban Community. From Cuban foodie spots, to lively street scenes this is a look into their daily life.
3.5 Hour Experience